A quick, easy, and inexpensive way to perform an item analysis on multiple choice exams

If you

  • administer predominantly multiple choice exams
  • want to know if a question is valid and reliable
  • need to determine if questions discriminate positively
  • are interested in identifying distractor effectiveness
  • can't afford a more expensive test scoring scanning machine

then Simple Test Analyzer may be your simple solution.

When the Board asks "How do you retire test questions?", will you have an answer?

Simple Test Analyzer performs the basic calculations of

  • Arithmetic Mean, Median, and Mode
  • KR20 (Kuder-Richardson Formula 20)
  • Item Difficulty
  • Difficulty Index
  • Distractor Analysis

Such analysis demonstrates using "assessment and evaluation data to enhance the teaching-learning process" suggested in the NLN's Core Competencies of Nurse Educators.

IT friendly, no installation files

Simple Test Analyzer requires no installation and makes no changes to the registry. Simply unzip the package to the folder of your choice and start the application. Should you ever wish to remove the software, you only need to delete the folder. It's just that simple.

No risk, free trial

The demo version allows up to 5 test analyses. No risk, no obligation. Download the free demo version and start analyzing your multiple choice items now.


PDF Manual View the Simple Test Analysis Manual online. Requires Adobe Reader.


Test Analysis

Item Analysis

Distractor Analysis

Ordering and Purchasing

The full version of Simple Test Analyzer, with unlimited test analyses, sells for $199 USD.

Introductory Offer - $159 USD

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Try it before you buy it. Download the free demo and analyze up to five exams while making your decision.